The #1 BOSCH Diesel Calibration Center in the Philippines

        The successful Diesel Fuel System specialist. Founded by Jeri Balboa with fluid Engineers & Mechanics, provides genuine parts and service for fuel injection systems on high speed, medium speed and low speed diesel engines. We offer Diesel Fuel System Reconditioning, Service, Scanning, Testing, Calibration for your Diesel Pump, Injectors and Turbo Dynamic balancing.


        ISHIMOTO was established in 2006, it caters to different kinds of diesel support in the market. (from used to new diesel parts). One of the best company in the diesel industry especially in the Philippines. The multi-technology foundation and investment is the key for it’s innovative solution. The company’s high-tech equipments combined with well-trained engineers’ assures the quality output and prompt service for Ishimoto Diesel clients whose number is constantly increasing.


        Ishimoto Diesel, leading the industry through service excellence, capable and trained workforce, and optimizing advance equipment to best support our customer’s needs.


  • Reliability and Credibility – well trained and certified team
  • Determination – our drive to do and achieve perfection
  • Initiative – proactive approach in any line of service
  • Hard Work – “we never give up”
  • Strong Customer Relationship – making the customers the center of what we do


            The business is set to render only the best quality service in the diesel fuel injection industry. Being true to it’s objective to render continuous development in technology, We found the means to upgrade to the latest and sophisticated high precision test equipment – (BOSCH EPS 815, EPS 708, EPS 205, EPS619, EPS611, EPS100, HARTRIDGE AVM2-PC, CRI-PC, HK1500 CAMBOX, DELPHI YDT35, KDIESEL EUI CAMBOX WITH SIMULATOR, KDIESEL HEUI CAMBOX WITH SIMULATOR, KDIESEL HPO KIT WITH SIMULATOR, KDIESEL CRITS, KDIESEL MASTER100, KDIESEL DIESEL CUBE, BOSCH DIAGNOSTIC SCAN TOOL, DELPHI DIAGNOSTIC SCAN TOOL, GSCAN DIAGNOSTIC SCAN TOOL, INSIGHT DIAGNOSTIC SCAN TOOL, CATERPILLAR ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN SCAN TOOL, DETROIT DIESEL DIAGNOSTIC SCAN TOOL, FCAR DIAGNOSTIC SCAN TOOL), and a wide variety of special tools and equipment. In addition to this, our company is the first BOSCH COMMON RAIL CLEAN ROOM FACILITY in the Philippines under the standards of Bosch GMBH to cater the full service warranty. Through the company’s thorough equipment combined with specialized knowledge, continuous learning and also our diesel engineers’ undergone sophisticated and intensive trainings, they are expert enough to handle special tools/equipment and to maintain a degree of cleanliness in the diesel workshop. It assures a high quality output and prompt service for our clients. Lastly, only genuine products and parts are used to ensure quality service.

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    1st Common Rail Clean Room in Philippines
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    Monday - Saturday
    8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    +632 215 2838 | +632 441 4511
    +63 917 8686388
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